Teams search MUST include SharePoint pages and news

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When you search in Teams you get results from files in SharePoint but not pages or news. What is up with that?


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@Cloud-Pia valid request, previously I would recommend submitting a uservoice with Microsoft but Microsoft finally realized that portal was ignored on purpose so they are moving away and just accepting feedback now. What you really need to do to make your voice heard at Microsoft, get in touch with your TAM (Technical Account Manager) or your Customer Engineer or whatever Microsoft called them nowadays and submit a DCR (Design Change Request), this will open a ticket for you with Microsoft and will be assigned to a support engineer that will continue to follow up with you and keep you posted till the Teams product managers provide a feedback with either yes they are moving with your request or no.

Hello @AwsAyad  Not sure what you mean by your comment that Uservoice was "ignored on purpose;" my experience has been that votes of the users from the previous Uservoice site - and now the new Feedback Portal - factored greatly into where Teams Engineering focused their limited resources (along with many other factors, of course).  We highly encourage users to go to the Feedback Portal to enter new requests or vote on the ones that are already there.

well my experience with uservoice is completely different and I am pretty sure other people share similar experience as of mine. Almost anyone I worked with over the past 6 years who had to go and submit anything to Microsoft via Uservoice confirm either they were ignored and/or Microsoft acknowledged receiving the feedback but never provided a solution. lots of uservocie legacy pages still accessible and you can notice hundreds of suggestions and requests by technical and non-technical users were submitted over the year but were never addressed by Microsoft or ignored completely. I don't mean to disrespect the people behind that platform or the people who were suppose to follow up on user's requests but I personally do not consider it a successful platform at all. I am more in favor of Tech Community to be honest and will consider using Feedback portal at some point but uservoice was a useless tool and such a time waster.

@AwsAyad it's a numbers game, if thousands of people upvote your idea it gets more attention, and might get built at some point. Lots of features have been added to the product due to Uservoice/Feedback portal comments, as you can see when you look at the top requested features.

The Teams product group and leadership do review the most popular ideas regularly, I've even heard of Satya Nadella getting involved when a popular feature wasn't on the development timeline.

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@Steven Collier @AwsAyad @Therese_Solimeno Thanks for dropping a note. Most of the time when I add something here, old uservoice or other places it just... <crickets> I have added it to the feedback hub. It's somewhat exhausting to be a SharePoint admin/lover because it always feels like such an afterthought most of the time. 


Anyway, thanks. 

Has there been any update regarding this feature? I use to the "News" tab on my page to keep a record of events that happen on the job. Being able to search "News" posts is currently only supported straight through the SharePoint page associated with the Team. I would like to be able to search and filter my News.