Teams Search - Does it return ALL file matches? About a year ago I searched for a file within Teams.

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About a year ago I searched for a file within Teams.  The search returned a list of documents.  Does this list contain EVERY file match across all channels I have access to or is it for only RECENTLY viewed files?

Please note: this was on Teams about 1 year ago (if that makes any difference)

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Thanks for reaching out. Microsoft have just released a new search experience in Teams


New and improved search results experience on Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Tech Community


I haven't seen any documentation which conclusively says that you will see all files across everything you have access to; however the new search experience is very comprehensive and I can personally attest it goes way beyond recently viewed files. To note, this is new functionality and even the old Microsoft support articles haven't been updated yet. 


Also remember to use * and quotation marks for searches. The article also refers to using KQL which I can confirm works on files too. The only thing I can't verify is a written source which says it's all results although hopefully the documentation will confirm this over time. 


Hope that helps to answer your question


Best, Chris