Teams Screenshare Over RDP Results in cursor issues

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I am using RDP to get to my work laptop. At home I have 3 monitors. From left to right as you sit at the desk they are: 1 portrait 1080x1920, 2 landscape 1920x1080. When I am using Teams via RDP on this home machine and try to screenshare on Teams my cursor just snaps to the top left corner of the middle monitor and does not let me move it. 


This does not happen if I share only the window of the particular program (not practical) or if I flip the portrait monitor to a 1920x1080 resolution and reconnect via RDP (again not practical). 


This definitely did not used to happen and I have noticed it only in the past month. Is there any plan to fix this bug that anybody knows about?

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@specsy I encounter the same issue.  Interestingly screen sharing still works on my left most monitor but attempting to move the cursor to one of the other screens results in the 'snapping back' of the cursor to the upper left corner of my primary display (center).


I've attempted to set all monitors to the same resolution (my primary was different from my two side monitors) but that did not seem to resolve the issue.


Sharing particular application windows also works fine.