Teams Scheduled meeting send attendee to different room.

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Recently, we have scheduled a two-and-a-haft-day-long meeting with about 100 attendees (including guests). At the final day, some of our attendees is being disconnected, when they tried to reconnect (using the same link) they were sent to a different room. They couldn't see or connect to the ongoing meeting.

This has happened twice. Could anybody tell me if you have experienced this kind of problem? And how did you solve it?

Many thanks.

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Yes, I've heard about it and experienced it before. When it happened to me though my schedule was full of personal meetings and channel meetings all starting at the same time. So my solution was simply to sign out from Teams (top right corner) and back in to get it working again. If that doesn't solve your issue you should report it in a ticket to Microsoft support. If you're not an admin reach out to that person for assistance.