Teams Scavenger Hunts: A Simple, Fun Way to Get Your Team Collaborating

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Struggling with how to use Teams? Forget the complicated user guides and calling your IT help desk. Check out these fun, simple Microsoft Teams Scavenger Hunts that you and your colleagues can do together (maybe during your next remote weekly check-in?) to figure out your small-group communications plan.

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Great minds! I am creating a scavenger hunt to remind Admin and Teachers about the basic format and features in Teams. This can also me used by the teachers to train the students on Teams when school starts back in Aug. Now I'm just playing with how I want to go about it for ease of use; video, OneNote, Word Doc., PPT. I haven't played with the bitmoji classroom yet, but that could be cool.

Would you be willing to share the scavenger hunt you created?

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@mandywhitesell is there an updated version of these? I imagine there are new features, but we have not yet moved over to Teams, so I am not familiar. I would love to use this for staff as we transition!