Teams runs for an hour after install, and then dies

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This is a weird one, and my work IT department can't seem to come up with any ideas other than "reinstall teams after various 'tweaks'" (Which has now been done a dozen times) or "Reimage your PC." The latter really means "lose your PC for a day, and lose productivity for the following week while you put the tools you actually use to do your job," so it's not really an option. And since we have no root cause, who's to say it won't start happening.


Immediately after restarting teams, I get in and can interact with people, and then, without warning, the teams window vanishes. The teams system tray icon is still there, but gives me:

When I right click the system tray icon, I get the following options:
1. Get Logs – opens notepad to give me the above log file
2. Collect Support files – cranks for a while and then shows me my “downloads” directory
3. Settings –gives me the ability to set whether Teams starts on login.
4. Open – this does NOTHING
5. Quit – exits teams.


Rebooting or Restarting Teams after it has gotten into this mess will result in one of the following behaviors:

1. Teams icon sits with the above options.

2. white blank window appears, disappears, and reappears multiple times.

3. Teams system tray icon appears and disappears. 


2 & 3 may eventually stabilize back on #1. And 2 & 3 are not mutually exclusive.


Among the tweaks that have been recommended are:

1. apply all windows updates. 

2. apply the Windows 21H1 feature update. Since this is essentially a reinstall of the OS, I didn't want to do it, but did.

3. Registry hacks including removing app compatibility information.

4. Switch from Websense Forcepoint DLP to Digital Guardian. 


I'm sure there are more than a couple of "darts" they chucked that I have forgotten, but you get the point. 


Since Teams was nice enough to collect the "support logs" in one place, here is the log set from the most recent time it croaked an hour or so after the reinstall.


This has happened through literally a dozen reinstalls. If this was something like a DLL conflict, or other classic application interaction, I would expect the application to fail immediately after install, not anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours later.


Miraculously the mobile client still works, and the web client works after a fashion (notifications are iffy @ best using EDGE). But the whole point of the desktop client is to have it come up as soon as I log in, and not when I remember to open the browser.

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Have you opened a case with Microsoft? Is this all on the same hardware?

Does this mean I can cut my IT Department out of the loop, since they seem amazingly unwilling to actually troubleshoot the issue?
Your Microsoft 365 admins needs to create a ticket and work with them to try to find the source of the issue! But I guess it’s in their best interest any way :)
One would think that after 8 days some sort of escalation process would kick in... But when your IT department doesn't share your reporting chain...