Teams Rooms Standard license and Exchange Online Mailbox and Calendar

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We've been exploring using Teams rooms standard licensing instead of E3 licensing, but the Teams room standard licensing doesn't seem to create an actual mailbox, nor a calendar? (Unless we have something setup wrong.)


This is fairly problematic as calendars are a must for end users to look at when trying to schedule a meeting, and access to that calendar is important for admins in case meetings need to be removed for various reasons.


Is this expected?

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You’ll need a device account for each Teams Room device. This is needed for the integration with eg. Exchange Online. You’ll then need to configure a room mailbox.

More info at
Yes, we did that. The licensing is what gives the account a mailbox, and the standard room license doesn't seem to do that.
That’s correct. A room mailbox does not require a license. And should be created manually as part of the setup. I don’t expect a Teams Room Standard license assignment to do this for you.
So weird thing, it just took forever to allow access to the calendar, as in a few days. Just gave me access about an hour ago. Yes, resource accounts shouldn't need additional licensing, but the way it was acting with no calendar access, it looked like a licensing issue. Not being able to see the calendar would have been very problematic for end users. Can also delegate the calendar, so that is awesome as well. (I don't care about an actual mailbox, but the calendar is a must)
We have found it can take up to 48 hours for the accounts to start working correctly after creation with the Teams Room License.
This was more like 96. C'est la vie.
For me, it took 18 hours until calendar meetings appeared on the display of my Yealink CP960 conference phone.