Teams Rooms sign in issue with Skype for Business


Hi All.  


We have installed a Teams Meeting Room using a Crestron system and all seems ok other than the S4B sign in. 


All licenses seem to be in place but the accounts are on prem so i am wondering if this is playing a part. 


I have attached a screen shot but can anyone advise what may be having an effect on this...  

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Unsure if this will  be the same scenario, but I can share a scenario we had with a good number of our Flex (and Slice) Rooms. We were upgrading rooms en masse and the installer had pre-logged in the accounts all prepped and ready, off site. We had a few out of the box issues and delivery delays, so then logged in some of these devices with different accounts on site.
These then would sign into Teams, but not Skype. After tweaking and sorting through the DNS entries etc we still 2 Slices and 8 Flex Rooms with this issue - so we tried a full factory reset of the HP Slice and the issue was resolved. However, a factory reset of a Crestron Flex is likely to cause more issues than it fixes, so we were in contact with Crestron (via our vendor) and they actually attended onsite with an image to reset to, we applied this image on all 8 rooms and the issue was resolved.

@BenRooke  did you ever resolve this? I am having the same issue with a Crestron device with SfB on premise not logging in. We actually dont care abouting using SfB on it but there is a error right across the top of the Teams Room interface on the device about not being able to sign in which is going to cause support calls so we would like to either fix it or someone force the crestron device into a Teams only config. We will be decommissioning SfB next year anyway like im sure many organisations are so seems like something that should be config option on these devices.