Teams Rooms Poly TC8 connection breaks when tapping "Join"

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We manage 4 Poly X50/TC8 devices on two different tenants and different sites.


Since last week, all devices that have had their Teams Rooms account logged off and on, experience the same issue. So this includes all newly configured devices.

When tapping "Join" on the TC8, the device briefly gives a message saying it cannot connect, automatically rebuilds the Teams Rooms account connection, and breaks the pairing with the X50 through Teams (According to Poly X50 webui, there is no pairing issue, but Teams says it cannot find a device)


After a few minutes the device is found and a pairing code can be entered. But, the same issue occurs when tapping "Join" again. The TC8 is therefore unusable.

The only way to join a meeting is disconnecting the TC8 and clicking "Join" on the screen (USB mouse connected to the X50)


Tests have been done without firewalls or anything between the device and the internet, but to no avail.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Which version do you use in teams admin center and poly lens? I know there are some issues with Poly which are investigated by poly and Microsoft.

Hi @Johnny55,


I'm experiencing the same issue. I have two MTRA rooms with the same behaviour. One is equiped with PolyX50+TC8 and the other with NEAT bar and pad system.

Both have exactly the same issue you describe.

Already performed a factory reset of the X50 and TC8 but problem remains.


I noticed that I can do an instant meeting or a share when the controller is up but it breaks only when I tap "join".


I opened a case with Microsoft, waiting for their feedback,

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I have a support case running with MS for about a week that does not go anywhere but collecting logs etc.. I was using the lastest firmware and Teams app.


However Poly claims this is indeed in investigation. They (and other OEM vendors) are working with MS on a fix in firmware which will soon be available in Teams Admin center.

As a temporary workaround Poly advised us to downgrade to firmware version 3.2.3 which has an old Teams App embedded. After that, to upgrade again to 3.9. We are planning to implement this workaround on our devices today.