Teams Rooms Licenses Rug Pulled and New Licenses Don't work.

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Im so annoyed right now. We lost our "Teams Room Standard" licenses out of the blue from Techdata. So we got our 25 Teams Room Basic Licenses. Applied them to the rooms, and now they don't work at all. GD Microsoft paywalling and rug pulling licenses all the time is becoming problematic. What's next? Is Microsoft going to make me have a license to use USB devices? License me per monitor? Freaking unreal how my 8k rooms are dead stick because of this stupid BS. I'm not calling support to get some tier 1 idiot who is going to make me fill out a 10 question email about nothing related to this and not hear back for a week. I need this fixed now. I didn't break it, you did Microsoft -- fix it and update your worthless documents too. Resolution is a joke...


And whats with all the paywalled features now, I mean ffs you can't use dual screens!? thats hardware of the vendor not even Microsoft. Noise suppression? CA Policies? Come the **** on. Quit ****ing us over you bastards.










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