Teams Rooms issues

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Customer has several PolyStudioX50 with PolyStudioX5 with PolyTC8 and has issues with the device not being able to load the Calendar.


It also seem error in the Azure sign-in log for the users on the devices but í dont think its related since there is device logs

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I wanted to confirm if the issue is with regular user account logged in on PolyX50 or are we using the MTR Licenses on Poly X50.

Below is the quick step by step video for configuring the MTR License

Additionally can you also check if the customer is using Intune for enrolling the devices and if that correctly set up for the Teams Room device

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Satish U
And maybe a question did the device update as new features are rolling out.

Hello satish,

The devices are already enrolled to Microsoft Intune and have Teams Room License. We did clean up some compliancy policy for the devices and added the network they connect from to Trusted location .. We are however not able to replicate the problem at this moment. It just seems to come up at random.


When trying to join teams rooms meeting we keep getting that error.




I have attached a picture of the error message to this message. 

Azure Sync can only be used with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AzureAD).
follow these steps