Teams Rooms device can not show zoom screen suddenly

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We use a Teams Rooms Device(Lenovo) and connect zoom meeting.

However suddenly can not show zoom screen. We can use voice and speaker

but can not use display.

We were able to connect Zoom via Teams Rooms device yesterday but now 

no shown zoom screen as the following.

Today(no shown zoom screen)


Yesterday(can show zoom screen)


I checked Teams Rooms device update but it is no update.

Anybody has any idea for root of cause ?


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We are also running into this. We have 20 conference rooms doing the same thing. Polycom was less than helpful, I have a ticket in with Zoom right now to see if they have any guidance.


Same issue here, we are using a Lenovo Thinksmart with Teams - but the zoom is now just showing a grey screen.


The issue seems to be resolved. Working with Zoom last night they associated this outage with the issue. Testing this morning shows that the link they disabled has fixed our issue. 


Thank you for the zoom status information. I will try it again.


I am relieved to hear that you have same issue. :)