Teams Rooms camera frame issue:one of site camera content is small and always on top blocked anther

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Hi guys:

           Today we found:4 rooms in meeting ,in camera content only,every camera frame is equally on the display ,then we plug sharing content,then each site found the self camera content is so small in low right corner,we considered  it's because the sharing content add in makes it like that,but no matter we pause or unplug the sharing content,the layout always like that:each room's self camera content is so small in low right corner and block another camera content.We have checked out every button in the touch panel ,but always not work.How can we make the each camera content size equally in meeting display(in camera only mode)?ThanX

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@Graham Walsh may know the answer to this one through his experience of Teams Rooms


Hope that helps


Best, Chris

Thanks Chris for point this out.

@fightstarter You can use the layout control icon (bottom left on the center of room panel) on single screen systems to select what layout you want, People Only, People and Content or just content. You cannot change the size of the self view of the room.