Teams Rooms and Exchange On Prem

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We’re about to implement Teams Rooms to replace a system called Lifesize. Our current setup is users using Teams via an E3 license, Azure AD Connect in place, but Exchange on prem with no hybrid.

We will initially purchase two Teams Rooms devices and license them with Teams Rooms licenses. However, I understand that to add a Teams Rooms system to a meeting you select them from a GAL, just as you would include a physical meeting room.

As our Teams Rooms will exist in 365 and our Exchange environment isn’t aware of 365, I assume the Teams Rooms devices won’t appear in our GAL. Can anyone recommend a solution to resolve this? I guess Hybrid is one option, it’s just not the ideal option for us in the short term. Is OAuth integration an option?


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To answer my own question, this can be done without oAuth or Hybrid. All options documented in the following deployment guide:



Hi Nick,

Could you tell me what exactly you have done?

I am also curious what the exact steps you did. @ncdlloyd @StefanEder 

This is also an issue that we are currently undertaking.  Can you be more specific to the steps that you took to make this happen.  Thanks, @ncdlloyd