Teams Rooms Admin Center issue

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In Admin Center for our Teams Rooms, we go to Devices -> Teams Rooms to monitor health and remotely restart our Logitech Tap setups.  Two of the conference rooms have shown "Critical" since May 28th (both that same day) with the Echo Speakers for each one showing Disconnected.

Both are connected and operational, but having them show offline or disconnected makes it impossible to tell when there are actual issues with the system.  Is there some sort of update we need to do to clear this?   

FYI our other rooms are showing Healthy as expected.

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Ive seen this happen many times not just with MTRs, but also Teams phones where the data from them is not always accurately displayed in the TAC. I would suggest deleting the devices from the TAC and then factory-resetting the MTR app (Not the device). See if this resolves once they re-appear.