Teams Room Theme picture severely cropped & pixelated using 4K monitor

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We just installed some new Teams Room equipment that are using 80" 4k displays. We are trying put in a custom theme picture for the idle screen to use, but it keeps getting cropped and pixelated. We can't seem to find any similar controls to the ones for Windows backgrounds where you can control the Stretch/Fill/Extend type options. Pictures being used are 3840 x 2160 pixels. Anyone have ideas on how to correct this?



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Teams Rooms on Windows only support one image size of 3840x1080. While there are 4K displays, the Teams Rooms application will only show 3840x1080 (1920x1080 as the wallpapers are designed for dual display rooms). More info on this can be found at:


I would also check on your displays to make sure they aren't attempting to auto-zoom in or alter the image.


Below is a custom wallpaper that I have made for the organization I work for to give you an idea as well of what the MTR is looking for. If you only have a single display, only the right side will be shown:



Thanks Eric, I'll look into your recommendations