Teams Room Teams call - Hide local HDMI content

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we need the ability to stop sharing HDMI content plugged into our Teams Room system without needing to disconnect the HDMI cable from the device. . When an HDMI device is plugged in to the system, the content shares automatically to the display in the room . You can hit stop presenting and it will stop sharing the content, until you start a Teams meeting. Once the meeting is started, the HDMI In content shows on the in room display over all camera feeds from remote participants. You can show thumbnails of participants with the gallery view but can't make them the focus. The only way to stop showing the HDMI In content on the in-room display in a Teams Meeting is to unplug the HDMI device This is because we use always connected sahring devices like the Polycom pano - or a room PC 
IN a skype call on the devices we can turn off HDMI input from the touchpad and the video feeds then go to full screen on the room display 

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If you open settings in your Microsoft Teams Room system you will see the option to share automatically when connecting HDMI, deactivate this option and you will be able to plugin the HDMI cable to an device without sharing. 

without automatically sharing via the call - but still shares local preview on main room screen meaning video is reduced in size to the right hand side  @Linus Cansby 

@gerry862 we have the same concern. It also means the displays in our meeting rooms are on 247 because the HP Slice Teams Room System detects our Polycom Pano as always turned on.

Hi guys,

You have maybe already seen this, but there is currently a uservoice open for it here

So I would vote on it to push it up the agenda. I would recommend feeding back in the next AMA. I will also push it onto sources I know this week at Ignite, referencing this thread and the uservoice.

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris.

I’ve voted on that idea and shared it with our AV integrator to increase understanding.

We just setup about 12 rooms for 400 people (operationally begins being used Monday). I anticipate Helpdesk tickets about this to ramp up soon. Hope this can easily be addressed.

As of today, there is no solution for this on the Teams Room devices. Any updates on this particular issue?