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Our clients are deploying a large number of Teams Room Systems (SRS v2), and we have noticed that the Layout button while in a call does not function the same way as in Skype for Business Mode, compared to Teams Mode. You can see an example photo (Skype for Business Mode), and video (Teams Mode). Note this is when only one screen has been connected. Is there a plan to have the same functionality added in Teams mode using the SRS v2 systems? This poses an issue in rooms where there is a local PC connected to the content input as an always on source, as you can not have stand alone gallery mode when in a call.

Skype For Business Room Systems Mode:


Teams Room Systems Mode:






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@Timothy_Guerin yes, there is, I don't think it's been publicly announced but I'm sure your customers will be impressed. At Enterprise Connect @ilya B.  demoed pinning a single video on a Teams Room screen but I think there's more coming as well.


Here's the video


@Steven Collierthanks for the reply! So it looks like they have added pinning, but wondering if they will be just adding the gallery view layout (without content showing locally or remotely) to that existing layout button for Teams Room Systems, as that would be the most important thing :).

Just tested the pinning functionality, it would not full screen a participant if there was content being shared in the room, it would only pin them on the content + participants view if there were more than 4 participants.

@Timothy_Guerin like I said, there's more planned soon in that area, but I can't see that it's been made public yet. Maybe @Ilya Bukshteyn might be able to share something more ...

@Steven Collierthanks! I would assume since it's a core feature of Skype Room Systems, that it is only a matter of time before it is added to Teams Room Systems. Hopefully @Ilya Bukshteyn has some more info.


@Timothy_Guerin @Steven Collier we have more work coming on layouts in Teams meetings on MTR.  Would be in H2 of this CY.  @Sohail Tariq 

@Ilya Bukshteyn @Steven Collier do we have any set date for this as of yet? Again, I know that Skype has this capability.




@Timothy_Guerin "this" being a layout showing video only even when someone is sharing content?

If so, no set date, its in our backlog but something we have not yet scheduled.  Should be doable in H2 of this CY.

Also just because SfB had a capability it does not mean its "easy" for us to implement in Teams. Teams is an all new, born in the cloud, experience, built on new technologies, and with a new cloud service.  So we need to implement the capability in a new code base.

@Sohail Tariq let's look at this in the backlog please.

BTW we do not recommend the "have a standalone PC or other always on source always connected to MTR HDMI ingest".  This leads to really poor user experiences.

@Ilya Bukshteynin the real world this is unlikely - we have a number of always active Wireless screens devices , Pano , Clickshare or a PC and this is a major flaw for us - local preview is always showing main screen in the room - just need the ability like in the skype UI to turn off the HDMI input this allows the full screen to be utilised for video and allowing you to then PIN a specific one in main screen 
currently local users see a Pano or ClickShare default screen when not content sharing 

Integration with exiting local wireless solutions is one of the key selling points for MTR as our room solution 

@Ilya Bukshteyn @Steven Collier Do we know if we have any updates on this as of yet? Having the inability to switch between the content and the participants in a call is definitely impacting our MTR user base when wanting to toggle between the content full screen, and the participants on the far end without the content taking over the whole screen.




@Timothy_Guerin we are still looking into this but its unfortunately likely now in H1CY20

Its actually forcing our users to use Skype instead of Teams in the meeting rooms and going against the grain as were trying to encourage adoption to teams on meeting room devices so i agree whats the latest , we simply want a button like in a teams call to disable the ingest wile in a call

@gerry862 is it just disable ingest?  what if the other side is sharing content? Seems like its an alternate layout vs. disable ingest.

@gerry862 looks like this will be the case for our user groups as well. The Gallary layout is really required for certain calls where we do need to switch between the content and the people full screen, without being forced to look at a large content window.

@Ilya Bukshteyn like the Skype call experience the ability to turn the local HDMI input off - when this is off in Skype the remote content is still shared , but agree more layouts may also address this if for example you had spotlight on main screen of a camera and the content in the PIP type on the right 
The main issue is while having an always on connection , whether that be a Third party WiFi connection or a room PC on  teams call local preview is always on taking over whole screen , educing the VC capability of the view to end users in the room, and in this day and age there will be loads of these types of always live connections , Pano , Click-share ect - one of the key selling points we made as we moved over to SRS now MTR was the ability to share these locally and within the call - now i know yes we can still do that but when a simple video call is wanted with no local share there is not need for that HDMI ingest to be active taking over 70% of the local screen.

@Dan Byne  as we were discussing again today 

@Ilya Bukshteynany news on this i see constant comments on user voice for the same issues , we have just implemented another system and having users sticking with Skype as teams experience is so bad when we have an always on content injest provided 

@gerry862 we will implement this (disable / stop sharing HDMI ingest layout) in Teams meetings in H1 of this CY.