Teams Room on Windows fails updating

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I have some MTRoW which are failing to update windows. TeamsApp itself is on the newest version (4.19) after using MTRP Provisioning tool. Windows stucks on 19044 or 19045 and doesn't get any newer updates.


Any ideas from you what I can do without Reimaging the device (Crestron C100T)?




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Hi @chriswagner,

here are some suggestions that might assist you:

  1. Free up drive space: Ensure that there's sufficient available space on your device to execute updates.
  2. Verify date and time settings: Confirm that the date and time settings are accurate, with a time offset within two minutes.
  3. Check for update installation policies: Verify if Group Policy settings, mobile device management (MDM), or registry configurations are in place that might prevent update installations.
  4. Verify connection to Windows Update servers: Ensure your device can establish a connection with the Windows Update servers.
  5. Manual update: If updates can't be obtained from the Microsoft Store, consider using an offline app update PowerShell script to manually update Teams Rooms devices to a newer version of the Teams Rooms app.

If the issue persists, you may want to contact Crestron's support for device-specific troubleshooting.

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Manually update a Microsoft Teams Rooms device - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

Troubleshooting (

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