Teams Room Media Creation Error.

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Hi There,


Trying to create teams room media. Getting following error. Any help is appriciated.


Formatting and partitioning the target drive... done.
Copying Windows... done.
Copying the installation image... Transcript stopped, output file is C:\Users\Safari\Documents\PowerShell_transcript.DESKTOP-1436QG8.WSjwx_8t.20220728033949.txt
Export-WindowsImage : Either the Name or Index parameter is required
At C:\Users\Safari\Downloads\CreateSrsMedia.ps1:1464 char:9
+ Export-WindowsImage -DestinationImagePath "$NewInstallWim" -S ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [Export-WindowsImage], PSArgumentException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : Export-WindowsImage,Microsoft.Dism.Commands.ExportWindowsImageCommand

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My question is why are you trying to do this? This should only be done in very few instances. It is recommended to reach out to your Teams Rooms vendor for an image that they can provide to you. 

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As mentioned, you should be using the OEM image for your MTRs. Unless you have a Surface Pro Dock based solution still.

This error could be related to many things, such as correct Windows 10 media, MTR app version matching the PS script you have etc. You would need to dive into the PS code at the line error and see what’s it’s trying to do.