Teams Room doesn't broadcast video if it's the first to join the meeting

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We are a small association spread thinly around the world. We have two Microsoft Teams Room devices in our Washington Office.  One is a Poly Studio X30 and the other is a Yealink A30.  In both cases, we have experienced a behavior - almost repeatable at will - where, if the X30 or A30 joins a scheduled meeting FIRST - no video is broadcast from the room.  But if the X30 or A30 joins SECOND or later - then the video from the room is seen - no problems.  


Similarly - if someone calls the room directly via Teams - they will see whoever is in the room.  However, if the room calls someone directly - or creates a "Meet Now" meeting and adds a user - they will not see the room.  


This is a terrible bug.  I've opened a ticket via our M365 admin portal - but my hopes are not high for that avenue of service.  



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