Teams Roles delegation

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Hello all, 


I researched and tested and found that as of now we cannot delegate the CQ and AA administration to a Telephony team, where they will can´t get the Administrator role, and only the Teams Communications Administrator role. 

It´s a problem, as the Telephone team can´t to edit the CQ (Call queues) where we are using the a Temas channel for "call answering". 

I think it´s should be neccessary to have the possibility to create an intermediate role between "Teams Administrator role" and "Communication Administrator role"... or maybe, should be better to have the possibility to create a customized role; where we could create a specific role for the telephony peopple, only providing the exact roles and not to have to open everything. Do you know if could be possible to add this features? or do you know if there is an exisiting posibility?


Rubén Martín

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