Teams ringtone after Hangup

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When a call comes in (i use pc speaker as secondary to get the ringing), i answer it with teams on my win10 pc, and it works fine, but when we hangup my temas begin to ring again in the speaker, sometime only a couple of rings, but sometimes it only works to reboot the pc

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Hi @BirkTeq, in which calling scenario does it happen? Does it happen by receiving a Teams to Teams call? Or if it is a PSTN call? If PSTN: are you using Microsoft Phone System or Teams Direct Routing? 

Hi Thorsten@Thorsten Pickhan 


the senario is:

im using teams on a pc with a headset from jabra. it doesnt matter if it is teams to teams or teams to pstn. when we hangup the teams ringtone sounds 3 times, but only if i use the computer loudspeaker as secondary speaker to hear it ringing, and the extra ringing is only in the secondary unit, not in primary headset



I can confirm this. Same issue happens also in our environment - Teams Version: (64 bit) Windows 10. We using plantronics headsets with the latest update. Each time when we hang up - teams is ringing a few seconds after that. 

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Rather than rebooting my computer, I just right-click Teams on my taskbar and select Quit. This stops the ringing. Then I just re-open Teams and I am good to go. Not sure why the constant ringing after hang-up randomly happens.

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Any aactualy solution to his issue? I have a few users stuck with it @gabbyy 

We have a few users with this issue as well, including myself. Its quite annoying. Is it the headset or the Teams app causing this?


Plantronics Voyager Focus UC headset, Teams v1.5.00.21668

We think its teams beacuse the headsts they mention that are common to the problem are not in our organization at all @Big_GH 

I have the same issue. 


In my particular case, it solved the issue just like this (Teams is playing ringtone in loop):