Teams Recordings of 1:1 Calls Now Available


In a surprise development, Microsoft announced that recording of Teams 1:1 calls is now available. Some limitations are present and the feature seems rushed, but perhaps this is because people working at home on confidential transactions need the feature, In any case, record away!

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Microsoft sneaked out this updated early April.


But I would like see recording for PSTN calls too, not only Teams calls.

@Linus Cansby  Thanks for the note. I tend to wait for the formal announcement from Microsoft before saying anything. Describing a feature that turns up in a build that is undisclosed is a good way of violating NDAs. I don't do that.

we have found this app to be an outstanding auto recording plugin for windows - records all calls incoming or outbound PSTN or not. The name is slightly misleading Not just for Skype. TEAMS is completely integrated.
There is a notification, "This call is being recorded" given to the caller and callee. How can I turn this off?
I don't believe you can.

There has to be a way. 


I found this:


It wouldn't be shown on LEA activity because that would defeat the purpose. 


Found this too: Set-CsTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy