Teams recordings going to two different locations...

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I have noticed an idiosyncrasy in the way Teams recordings are saved. I know they go to OneDrive, but, depending on how the planned recording was done, it may go to the organizer's OneDrive (to be expected) or to the OneDrive of the person who first joined the meeting (really??? this has to be a bug...).


So, if the organizer selects Meeting Options from the bottom of the Outlook invite (which opens in the browser) and plans the recording, it goes to the correct location, on the OneDrive of the organizer.


If the organizer uses the handy Meeting Options in the ribbon of the desktop version of Outlook, the recording will go on the OneDrive of the first person who joins the meeting. Go try to find that after! Hoping Microsoft will fix that very soon!

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Thanks for the input - you might want to report his in the "report a problem" section under the help button in the lower left corner of the desktop app.