Teams Recording


My company has disabled Teams recording globally for all of our employees.  There are legal issues regarding intellectual property's and such that has forced the policy.  Regarding recording, when a user that is external to my organization is invited to a Teams meeting I am assuming that the recording functionality will be disabled, as in our tenant permissions extend to the external participant so long as the meeting originates within our organization.  I am also assuming that this works the other way around, an external vendor invites one of our employees to a meeting and recording will be available (assuming the external company tenant does not have the functionality disabled).

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If the organizer of the meeting have a meeting policy with recording disabled nobody in the meeting will be able to start the recording. Both the organizer and the user that initiates the recording must have it activated in the policy.


If one of your users join an external meeting, organized by an user that is allowed to record meetings that organizer will be able to start recording.

Hello, an external user (all types) can not start a recording even if you'd have the possibility enabled. Yes, your users can attend meetings being recorded in other organizations. The only disclaimer here as far as I know would be if one of the participants has a policy for something called compliance recording, then the meeting will be recorded according to that policy even if that participant is from another org. You can always check with Microsoft to get an official answer to the latter.