Teams Recording permissions - will this change?


According to an MS document (link below), any 'person from same org' can start/stop a recording in a meeting.   Since there is only 1 (cloud) recording per meeting, this seems to open up a real vulnerability, especially in a large meeting.


We count on and publish recordings from many of our medium/large meetings and the Teams recording approach would make it difficult to get a solid recording in many meetings.


Any idea if there are changes planned - like the organizer locking down the recording for example?




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Why would someone stop the recording? I've had this feature for quite a while in the early tests and it's never been an issue. In general no one stops the recording, and it ends automatically after everyone leaves.


There is a massive banner when recording starts or stops, and you can restart the recording, you just end up with multiple videos posted.

Thanks @Steven Collier, glad to hear that it hasn't been a problem, I hope we'll have the same experience.



Meh, I think something to prevent it from being stopped is a good thing. Obviously you could use something else to just record your meeting if it's that important but would rather not use another tool to do something simple and just make sure it doesn't get interrupted.

I was hosting a 1 hour training session for an international audience.  I had someone join the meeting late, thought the session wasn't being recorded and clicked on the recording feature.  The recording stopped after 13 minutes into the session.  After stopping it, this person clicked on record.  Now, the recording for the last 39 minutes of the meeting is owned by this other person.


Allowing anyone in a session to start/stop the recording is dangerous!  It completely destroyed my recorded session.  There should be a way to lock access to the recording feature.

Yeah, this seems like a clear oversight to me (and one of the several things missing from Teams as a meeting technology which is causing us to consider whether we go to Zoom/webex/etc.) -which I hope MS fixes soon.   


I voted for it in Uservoice, but there are a ton of competing features on the list for MS development folks to work on, so we'll hope for the best...

@Steven CollierI had a recording prematurely stop today while I was doing training on how to use MS Teams.  I was mid-sentence, so I assume someone was playing with buttons (as I had encouraged them to do) and stopped the recording.


Sadly there's no history showing who did what, and there was no alert on my screen because I was full-screen on a PowerPoint presentation.

@Steven Collier 

Why would anyone do anything? People do this because they can and don't understand the product.  This is a real problem and meetings need much better recording controls. 

I've been in more than one meeting where someone stopped in the recording and messed everything up. 

@southwick This just happened to me for the first time today, and I was so involved in my demo that I didn't realize someone had stopped my recording. Luckily, the person mentioned it in the chat, and someone else saw it and started the recording again. But yes, I really wish it could be prevented in the first place. :( We missed several minutes of my demo and now have two meeting videos. It's not great.

@Katrin Weixel there is a very easy way to manage this. The organiser needs to configure the "who can present" option from the "meeting options" section. This then defines roles for the meeting. Only the organiser and presenter can start and stop recordings.

@SuleimanDC Oh, that's great! I didn't realize the presenter was the only one who can start and stop recordings. I'll make sure to select "only me" as presenter for my next online demo/user group meeting. Thanks for the tip! I still think these things should be separate, but as long as it works to prevent someone from stopping my recording, I'll be happy to use this!

@Katrin Weixel In my opinion this option should be made more visible to end users. 

@Larry Goldfield 

This is not acceptable. So today I experienced a problem during my class. I was 20 minutes into a 90 minute class and noticed a banner that said "recording started" yet, I thought I had begun recording at the beginning of the class. Sure enough, at the end of class there were two recordings on the general page. What is worse is that only one of the two (the 20 minute beginning) was actually saved in the recordings folder. 


I went back and looked and believe someone stopped the recording in my class, but how would I know. Whoever it was noticed and turned it back on and now I don't own the last 3/4's of my recorded meeting. This is troublesome. 


So I am in a classroom environment, and know that I am aware of this I will be more careful but this is a bit of a showstopper for me. Next semester, I will definitely be open to new technology as there are just too many quirky obstacles to using Teams. 


Someone did today in the midst of my class. Welcome to the world of higher Ed!
Game changer for me. In my opinion, "Why would anyone but the person who owns the meeting able to do this?" is a better question.