Teams recording- only record one person camera instead of all

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Hi we're planning to use Teams for a research interview.


Both the interviewers and participant's cameras will be switched on during the recording session. We will be trimming the video to highlight what the participant has said (without interviewer's face). 


Currently video recording will record both the interviewer and participant's camera, I'm wondering...


(1) if it's possible to 'record' the camera of the participant only (instead of both) 

2) can we cut the interviewer out using video editing software


We only have access to Video Editor software (default in Windows 10), but I don't think it can cut partial video that way. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you




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@chinglnc Perhaps you could use a Live Event rather than a meeting, stick the interviewee live then the stream/recording will just show them. There are also solutions using NDI to send the video feeds out from your interviewers machine to another app that could then record it, e.g. OBS, but that would require some proficency on the part of the interviewer.


Why not just get the interviewer to not turn on their camera ?