Teams recording didn’t capture my video

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I recorded a teams meeting today in exactly the same way as every other.  
except today the recording replaced my video with my icon. 
So I was presenting with camera on and some slides and the recording captures everything - including other guests video and my slides but not my video?

So their is only no video footage of me

Which is a problem because I was drawing on a whiteboard. And my camera was on the entire time. 
any ideas of why this happened so I can ensure tomorrow’s meeting it doesn’t reoccur. ?

this is a first for me 

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To my knowledge from past meeting recordings, when you share content, the content is the only thing shown, never your own camera on recordings. I could be wrong since it's been awhile since I use Teams recordings, I always record using OBS or something so I have more control over content and what's going on and project it to a 2nd screen which I use screen sharing in Teams to share that monitor.

@LisaMorris This happened to me today as well. I had 4 people spotlighted and none of their videos showed up on the recording even though they all had their camera's on. And when I spotlighted other people into the meeting, their video's sometimes would show up and other's didn't. 

MS Teams has had an update where now when you spotlight it actually records, as this was not an available function in March 2022 and it is now - however, it seems to be broken. 


We have had the same issue twice now. Last monday recorded the room's camera without problem, but the week before it didn't record. Our meeting attendees at home could see the camera picture without problem but when I tried to view the recording everything was visible except the room camera. We use a Yealink setup, if that detail helps.

@LisaMorris Hi, 
Same occured to our stream. So I did a little bit of testing and found out that:


IF you START RECORDING and then you spotlight yourself, your video input will be captured by recording.

IF you FIRST spotlight yourself (did not test others, srry) and then you start recording, only icons will be captured by recording.


While recording, You can reset that by toggling your spotlight OFF/ON and then it will capture your spotlighted VIDEO input (your webcam/desktop, etc.)


TLDR: Start the recording and after that take care of visuals

@LisaMorris - this same issue happened to us today and unfortunately was when we had the Chief Technology Officer for HP Federal on among other important people for our event.  I am so mad at Microsoft right now!

@PetrBulan - thank you for the work-around, we will be testing this.



Same thing happened to me, but it didn't record anything at all. No video, no audio, nothing was captured.