Teams "forgets" window size

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I'm using Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).  This a laptop that I take back and forth between home office and work office.  Both locations have two external monitors connected via HDMI.  I have a laptop stand that I put it on and the laptop screen is treated as a third monitor.


I use the third monitor for Teams and Outlook.  For some reason when I first boot up and login, teams seems to have "forgotten" what size its window is supposed to be -- the right, bottom corner is off the screen.  I have to move it to one of the other monitors, resize it and move it back.  This is very annoying.


Anyone know of a way to fix this?

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You can try below steps to fix the issue with Microsoft Teams window size and position on multiple monitors:


 Reset Teams app settings by deleting the "desktop-config.json" and "settings.json" files in the Teams app data folder, then restart Teams.


Use Teams in Full-Screen mode by maximizing the window or pressing F11, then close and relaunch Teams.


Also, adjust display settings, ensuring correct resolution and arranging monitors to match the physical layout, then restart your computer.




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The monitor was set to 125% display scale -- I keep my laptop to the far right of my main monitors and that makes it hard to read the text on that screen.  125% made it easy to read.  Now that I set it back to 100%, Teams does remember it's window location but now I have trouble reading what's on the screen.


It sure would be nice if the app just remembered the size and location that it was last set to and reverted back to that.