Teams Queue Announce Position and Estimated Hold Time

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We desperately need more advanced configuration with call queues in Teams.


We need to have periodic announcements of the current position, and optionally an estimated hold time.  The user that answers the call needs to be alerted of the callers wait time upon answering the call. This is a basic feature that is missing, and causing great frustration for my customers.

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Thank you for the suggestion. The preferred site for posting feature suggestions or bug reports is the Uservoice feedback forum at You might even find that this item has already been reported and you can vote on it to get future updates.
Same here,
Trying to migrate a tenant from previous IP PBX to MSTEams, and found out the Queue cant insert a simple periodic message that telling the caller basically like "Thank you, agent is till busy, you can continue to wait or hangup to end the call" .

I also tried to stack view call queues to mimic that behaviour, but user experience for the caller is clunky.

Wonder if there is another workaround.



Did you ever find a work around for your on hold messaging?  I'm trying to do the same functionality and am having a hard time figuring out how to insert announcements at various intervals when a call is waiting for an available agent.

Hi @Tom_McG 

No, I couldnt find one. The tenant ended up using what Microsoft provides (without interleaving messages).

I wound up splicing MOH and multiple messages into a single wav file for a custom MOH experience within my call queues. Had to figure out how to do that first;) Clunky way to build an ACD, MSFT can definitely improve that functionality.
Actually this is a lot better :))
I shall do the same thing. Thank you for inspiring.