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I have a select few users that claim that Teams is not reliable for meetings. I am trying to determine why other than they refuse to transition from what they are used to (Zoom).  I am looking at the Call Quality reports which shows <2% failure rate but need to understand what and how to read these to get a better understanding on what is a "failure" and how to determine if there is really a reliability issue with Teams. That way I can bring that back to our meetings.  They can never provide examples, just say, there have been issues.  

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Hi @Jeff Harlow  Without knowing specifically what their complaints are, it's hard to troubleshoot. Here is a list of the most common known issues in Teams, if this helps:

Information about Teams known issues - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Looking at CQD and Call Analytics data is too less. You need to get the full big picture and therefore you need to include each of the Client PC's to map this.
E.g. Knowing which System Task was running on high cpu/memory load while you were on a call or what bandwidth was a available during the call are just two items out of many.

just ping me if you want to know which solution covers this