Teams profile photos replaced by placeholder?

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Hi all,

starting this past Friday we noticed that the Teams user profile photos started disappearing resp. being replaced with the placeholder.


I'm aware of the unification Microsoft was about to carry out for Yammer profiles so that they would use M365 profile pictures. However, that this was going to carry over to Teams surprised me.


Since we're not using Exchange Online there seems to be no way to provide profile photos for our users any longer. In the M365 user profile of a user there's still the option of uploading photo. However, it's not synched due to EXO missing.


Any idea if there're workarounds?



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@Deleted I can confirm all profile photos appeared again.

The profile sync and workflow with all it´s different circumstances is a desaster.

@bc1000, thanks for the update. Still ongoing in our tenant but I agree that it's a mess.

Does anyone know if MS have published anything on this? I've been unable to find any comment from them. Thanks

I've not seen anything published so far, but my ticket for my customer is still running - the photos are fine in Teams now, and AAD, but not consistently showing in Delve or SharePoint / OneDrive.

@Rob Ellis 


Sorry to dredge up an old issue, but this issue has not been fixed. We have an AAD hybrid, with O365 Cloud-based (no on-Prem), and I get this profile picture issue at least once a week for more than one user. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, and mysteriously the profile picture will appear. Other times, never. Today I tried changing the picture in the Admin console of O365, and it says it saved the changes, but if you go back into the console 30 minutes later, picture is gone again. I have resized the image and everything to try and meet as many requirements as I can for it. No luck. Not to mention, I have a few users who are MAC users, and Teams does not show their picture there. Good luck trying to find a way to 'flush the cache' for Teams on a MAC! 


This is a cloud-based issue and has to do with their migration/update techniques I'm almost sure of it, simply based on the odd behavior and lack of consistency. Any word ever come from Microsoft on this issue other than 'clear your cache' or 'sign out and back in'? 


Also having this issue at the moment. It's so sporadic too. Some profiles will sync across the board almost instantly, others just take forever, some are still not synced.
My new profile picture isn't working, Like it works with like the Teams homepage. Not when I'm on a call, when I'm on a call, it shows my old one. How do I fix this??

Still an ongoing issue for me. All online (no on-prem). Only 3 people out of 36 whose photos don't show in Teams (client and web), but their pics are viewable in EXO, MS365 Admin, AAD, and Teams Admin. All other users show in all places.