teams private channel SharePoint site not showing content types from hub

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Please am trying to add content types from our Content Type Hub for the SPO site of Private Channel.


While I can enable content types usage in document libraries I cannot see / add any content types from our content type hub.


The Issue does not occur on normal SPO sites. I noticed in Site Settings the private channel does not have the same options for Content Types & Term Stores.


Can you please advise how we go about enabling this functionality for Teams Private Channel SPO sites or if it is not supported.


Thank you

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After some testing, needed to confirm. This is one possible way you may get what you are looking for. Sure there are others.


Private Channels create separate SharePoint Sites, but the sites created by private channels are also separate Site Collections. In other words, they are not subsites of the site created by the team, nor are they in the site collection. .


A way to get around this (sure there are others) is to add the content types via the SharePoint Admin Centre


1.) Login to SharePoint Admin Centre

2.) Select Content Services

3.) Select Content Type Gallery

4.) Create the content type there

5.) Publish it

6.) The content type will go into the site created by the team (which you have enable to be a content type hub) and the site created by the private channel which is a separate site collection


Tested, all works, the content type displays in both. 


Hope that answers your question, may not be completely what you are looking for


Best, Chris


If you try to add your content type from the library setting page, you will not find the content types published from the hub. With the new hub publishing mecanism, you need to add the content type from the "Add column" menu in the library. If content types is enabled on your library, you will find "Content Type" in the add columns menu. There you should see published content types (Now, they only sync to the site when you attach them to a library)




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