Teams Presence "Nearly real time" - not in our environment

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Dear Teamer,

MS is describing the teams presence as "nearly real time" in their documentation.

We have done some tests because some (not much) users has complaint about this behaviour. The results are sometime definitly NOT nearly realtime. In some cases it takes minutes till the presence change.
My most experience, also with the mobile, was that the UI does not refresh when it does not change a view. When you leave a chat and enter it again it changes immediately, also when your using windows desktop app and you hower over the person to get tht business card THEN it changes.


How are your  experience with the presence? Real time or NO real time?

Are there any parameter / settings to adjust?


Thanks, best regards Lars


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I guess this still has something to do with the temporary adjustment because of the high load during COVID19.

I saw that a message in the message center was just updated, look for message MC211744.

@Mitchell Bakker thanks for this information, yes I know it and it has been published on 24th March and now we have May. It has been updated on 5th May but no details.

-----------Message -------------------

Updated May 5th: Awareness of Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments
MC207439, Stay Informed, Published date: 24. März 2020

Here are a few updates. The changes previously announced are down below for reference.

Previously announced:


  • Frequency of Presence checking.
  • Interval we show when the other party is typing.
  • Reduced video resolution.



@Lars Roth Guess it is updated to let everyone know these temporally adjustments are still in place because in the message there is "Stay Informed"


So I guess we have to wait little longer :) 


With regards and stay healthy, 

Mitchell Bakker