Teams pre - can't join my own meetings

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When I create a new teams meeting in outlook, I can't join my own meeting, until someone lets me in. Which is impossible, because I'm the organizer.

All attendees also can't join the meeting until someone lets them in.

When I switch back to the old teams, there are no more issues.


What might be useful information, is that I work for a company that has the preview setting on. Through this employee I downloaded and installed teams. Another company hired me and I've logged into teams with their account, but they don't have the preview available for their employees. Could this be why the meetings don't work, or is this an issue which people experience as well, by just using teams pre?

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It looks like you need to sign in as an extra account with the tenant that has the preview function enabled. Since this new teams its possible to login with multiple accounts at the same time. This fixes the issue. If I create a new meeting after adding the account, teams will automatically log me in as the user of the tenant where the preview is enabled. So it is indeed a tenant and setting issue.

@Nico_Buma Only disadvantage about working this way, is that every meeting is initiated from the account in the tenant where the preview feature is enabled. If people from the tenant without the preview enabled, called me, the call got instantly disconnected and didn't reach me. So I had to revert back to the old teams, to have everything function as it should, for both tenants.