Teams Pre - apps tab is missing, reappears when I turn off Pre mode.

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I activated the possibility to preview the new teams app. When I activate the client it works fine, except the apps bar is missing some previously installed apps, and the app button is just not there.

This is only when using the Preview version, if I switch back then my preinstalled apps appear, as does the button to add more.

I have attached screenshots of my sidebar in both versions.

Any ideas?

thanks! :)


Screenshot 2023-03-30 103254.pngScreenshot 2023-03-30 103433.png

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Sorry, can't add anything exciting other than "I have the same issue". Glad I'm testing on myself first and not a larger user base :)

@DaveTippett the new version of Teams is still a preview to be tried. Before using it, have a read of the limitations here: New Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Adoption






thanks for that list, I'd somehow missed it when checking over the new version. Quite a way to go yet then.