Teams Praise App Removing Custom Badges

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Hello community,


In this Microsoft Docs article on managing the Praise app in Teams, at the bottom section for Upcoming Changes, it indicates that the option to create new custom badges will no longer be available.  There is no details on how this will impact existing custom badges.  Does anyone know whether existing custom badges will be deleted?  Or will existing custom badges still be able to be used, just no new custom badges can be created?




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Hi, this was actually news to my so thanks for the info. I had a look and it seems as they will be deleted.

"As of January 2022, you'll only be able to send and receive default praise badges. All other badges will be deleted, so please save anything you'd like to be able to reference moving forward."

Wow, that is really dissapointing. I would imagine many organistions like ours like to have their values as badges to make the praise even richer, directly linking to values.

Affected us. Poor communication there from MS.
Tell your account manager.