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I have a requirement to programmatically auth to Teams PowerShell using Certificate based authentication. Looking at the MS documentation (Connect-MicrosoftTeams (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs) they seem to only detail delegated auth using a shared secret. Is anyone aware of a way to authenticate using certificate auth? I have found the article below, but cannot get this working. Wondering if cert based auth is actually possible at all? 


The option to specify a certificate thumbprint parameter has been removed from the latest version of the PS module. 


Certificate authentication with Teams Powershell 2.3.2-preview (AccessTokens) : MicrosoftTeams (redd...

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Unfortunately, this is not yet possible

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Thanks @Andres Gorzelany


odd that they option was in the older version of the module but removed from the new one. 

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