Teams Polls - Where are the results (by name of respondent)?

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I've created a Poll (via Forms) as a post in a channel for my Team. The card created for the poll states, "Results are visible to everyone; Names recorded", however, I cannot for the life of me figure out who submitted responses - can't find where these names are recorded. Anyone know how to get this info? Otherwise it's just a completely anonymous poll.






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I am having the same issue. I created a poll in a subchannel:



I created the poll as non-anonymous, results are SHOWN. I can see the results but I do not see who responded. I have tried going to but I do not see this form there. I see several others. Within that page, I see a link to the Team, but the Team shows "0 polls"




Seems like a bug. 


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I had also been looking all over for my poll/forms.
Found it here by clicking on 'All My Forms'




@chooiyc omg there it is! Thank you so much!

Interesting... For me the link you shared worked for me. I still have to toggle to different buttons to get the list of respondents.

But the link didn't work - it prompted me to login again and doesn't accept my corporate account.

What's the difference between those 2 URLs? Just curious. Thanks again.

Did anyone figure this out? I have started a poll in Teams, anonymous and it isn't showing on the form website, I can't the results anywhere?? @jlubonski_FLHS 

@Georgia-oem seems like the answer is above.  Click "see all forms" in the Forms option in Office 365.

So it is!! @jlubonski_FLHS thank you for replying. 

@chooiyc- you saved my day, Thanks :)  Go to, there is a link 'All my forms' I found the poll I created in teams channel there. Once you find the poll, you can view results etc. similar to any other poll.

yes, there it is, thanks for sharing ;)

@chooiyc Thanks for this response. The All my forms link  at the bottom of the page is the answer. Not easy to find though. I would have expected all of my forms to be visible by going to 

@JohnBoers thanks, this was very helpful :) 

@chooiyc thank you so much it was annoying issue for a long time for me. 

Hello everyone, 


Is anyone having issues with the polls releasing themselves? Like I created draft poll questions for a session and even though I don't click launch on all poll questions, they start launching by themselves like they have a life of their own. Please help me out if anyone has a solution to this. 

Thanks in advance!

Follow "All My Forms =>" to find the polls from Team Chat. Thank you for posting this solution.