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We recently had a change to one of our Team Policy and I need to find the person who made that change. 


I looked through Audit Log Search within Office 365 Security and Compliance, and found no options the would identified any changes  to Teams policies or the person who made those changes.


Is there another interface or PowerShell that will allow me to pull audit log to all changes to Team Policies?


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Hello, these are all the searchable Teams activities, perhaps you've already been there but adding anyway. Just browsed through but didn't see any related to specific policies only to some settings that can be controlled with policies.


Adding this from the below post: 

Cloud App Security --> Activity Log --> Activity Type: TeamsAdminAction

Although the article didn't directly point the direction; however, it did lead me to Cloud App Security --> Activity Log --> Activity Type: TeamsAdminAction

Here is was able to find the users who made the change Team's Meeting Policy.

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That's awesome Larry, my pleasure. Just went back and read more thoroughly. Thanks for adding this to the conversation as I probably would't have returned to that page (not today at least).
Hi Larry, can you help me out with this? I'm having a really hard time finding the activity log. How did you end up finding the message policy auditing capability?

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There is no activity for Teams at all for me, do you have to enable teams policy auditing prior? we have the Cloud Apps license and I see options but nothing for teams.