Teams Policies for Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Hi All, just wondering if anyone knows of a resource that discusses best practices around what  Teams Policies to configure for the Resource Accounts that are used or Microsoft Teams Rooms?  I haven't been able to find any so I've tried to wing it.  It gets a bit tricky to try to figure out because the main purpose of that account is to reserve a space, allow for for ad-hoc meetings whether that be done using the app or audio confernencing, allow audio, and allow video.  However, aside from that, I assume all other things will be done by attendees via screen shares.  Here are a few options that I wasn't sure about so looking for some opinions if you have any...again this pertains to the Resource Account...assuming it will not be the organizer of a meeting most of the time....unless it is a quick ad-hoc meeting started from the room:

  • Should Channel Meeting scheduling be disabled since this account shouldn't belong to any Teams?
  • Should the Engagement Report be disabled so that people can't randomly see who attended previous meetings in the room?
  • Should Meeting Registration be disabled since the resource account should never really be an organizer of a webinar?
  • Should you be careful about what background filters are allowed so that users are not uploading random ones to the Resource Account?
  • Should Cloud Recording be disabled so that the organizer is forced to start the recording...and thus it is stored on that user's OneDrive account...instead of that for the Resource account?

I might be way off of some of those...but looking for some input.  Thanks!

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