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So, I have been on Teams for about 2 1/2 years now, and I have recently been having intermittent issues with Teams not accepting the callers inputs. I have an AA setup with 4 menu (phone tree) options, 1, 2, 3, & 4. I have a greeting setup, and when the caller selects any option, we'll use 1 for example, it says "Sorry, I could not find this option" and then repeats the menu. The caller can not ever get in, and disconnects. I have tried to get this to duplicate, but I have not. All of our incoming calls are recorded, so I can see/listen to the recordings and can indeed hear the Teams call not being transferred, and the caller selecting option 1 (or whatver option they are selecting - my recorder captures the input from the caller), and the call not getting transfered. Sometimes this works flawlessly, and calls get routed properly, as does when I call, and others have tested, but sometimes it is back-to-back callers that finally get through or email and tell us they cannot get through the menu. 

What can I check to get this corrected and does anyone else have this experience?

Thank you in advance!

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There were some issues reported on the Microsoft Teams and there was an outage on the Teams Servers. Can you check if you have the notification around the same timelines when the issue occurred for your end users or customers.

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We are having this issue with a Teams Voice client that  we are currently in testing phase with.
The auto attendant is supposed to support pressing the "*" (asterisk or star key), but when it is pressed the response "Sorry I could not find this option" plays.

Replying to my own reply. :xd:


It appears that the "*" key is now programmable in the menu options of Auto Attendant.

But programming it is interesting; so to repeat the message, you have to have the * Dial key redirect back to the Auto Attendant. The interesting part is that we usually split the audio messages; an audio file for the greeting, and a seperate audio file for the menu options. So, everything gets repeated. 

This is a bit kludgy. We'll have to go back and reprogram some of our older clients' Auto Attendants which have the "press the * key to repeat the menu options" :sad:



@skinners12580 any resolution found for the same?