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Going to be going down the Teams Phone system route soon, although we have a call centre software for our main customers, we have an internal helpdesk of 5 users and I wanted to know if Teams Phone system would be a better option for the small 5 person team.  Would the 5 person team be able to see each other in Teams as far as who was 'available' for a call and who was 'at lunch', or 'in a call'.  Or will just just see the usual Teams presence states.


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Hi @GaryS123

Currently, only the presence state. There isn't anything native in terms of a call wallboard where you could monitor who is on the call, how long for, their presence state - like a call centre

You would need to look at a third party solution - there are ones out there who do this within a direct routing scenario. Something like this

Hope that helps to make a decision. In terms of whether something like this is coming natively to Teams. Haven't heard about it, but there is a uservoice open here

So vote if it is something you would like to see

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for the info, we do have software already but just wanted to see if we could simplify one of the teams using it.  I'll take a look at the uservoice.



@GaryS123  Commschoice has a native Teams Calling Contact Centre solution  that might be of help.