Teams Phone Standard - Couldn’t complete the call

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Hello Teams Community, 


Please I need your assistance on this issue.


We have a "Teams Phone Standard" trial and our 3rd party vendor for calls is suggesting that the 'trial' is the reason why the Dialpad is not showing in Teams Calls.


We get errors when trying to call out to external landline and mobile phone numbers.

We want to stay with our calls current provider and integrate the mechanism for calling landline and mobile phones through Teams. 


  1. Below are the errors when trying to call out to external landline and mobile phone numbers.





      2. Also here are the available licenses i have below: 



    3. While on your Azure Active Directory, the Active Microsoft Teams Phone Standard license is active.









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Seems you do not have a Calling Plan license or did you configure Direct Routing in the tenant?

Hello @Andres Gorzelany 


We are in a mystery. 


Can you advise if Microsoft supports our 365 licenses (365 Business Standard + Azure Information Protection Premium P1) with ‘Microsoft Teams Phone Standard’ as a phone system but without the Microsoft call plans i.e. ‘Direct Routing’? Our 3rd party vendor advises us that Microsoft provide this method but I need your confirmation that it is still correct


We took the ‘Microsoft Teams Phone Standard’ trial but the implication is that this requires a Microsoft Call Plan. From 8/3/2022 I disabled the trial as the implication that I and my 3rd party vendor took was that this could only work with a Microsoft Call Plan


Figure A


  1. No 1 is what I thought my trial was (the one I started on 18/2/2022)
  2. I did not want and did not expect to trial No 2



Figure B Direct Routing – set up for our 3rd party







I am not a licensing expert I am afraid, however, if you have SBCs it seems that Teams Phone should be enough, but I do see the SBC erroring there... did you check those errors?