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We have setup Teams Phone for a client and I have few questions regarding contacts. First question is why does Teams only display one number per contact and is there a way to change this so internal contacts and contacts for people outside the organization list more than one number? My other question is on how the internal and external contacts names are displayed. The client would like them to display last name, first name which I thought was by default. If I understand correctly internal contacts are pulled from Azure. (please correct me if I am wrong) I believe any external contact that show in Teams are brought in from your Outlook contacts. Thanks for any help you can provide. We are new to Teams Phone and would like to make the client happy and choose to stay with the product. Thanks in advance.

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@CNelson80 I'm not sure what you mean when you say Teams only displays one number per contact. I just searched for an Outlook contact with two phone numbers from the Calls tab in Teams and it showed both:


As for name order, that I am not too sure about, but I can say that we do use "lastname, firstname" in our Active Directory and it has caused us a number of issues. Things like the default voicemail greeting saying "Smith, John is currently unavailable", and @mentions showing as "@Smith, John" so if you want it to just say "@John" you have to left-arrow and backspace instead of just backspace. I would recommend having your client explore the reasons why they are using "lastname, firstname" order and see if you can convince them to modernize that.

Ah, thank you. This helped me greatly. I am glad you pointed these possible issues out.