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We have a US based customer that needs a phone number for an end-user in one of the Zone 2 countries. There used to be a Teams Phone with Calling Plan for Zone 2 available but now it looks like the only option available for Zone 2 is the PAYG option. Is this the license we need to get? Does this include both domestic and international calls?

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Hi @214820,

PAYG Calling Plan licences are not currently available for the user in USA.


For your situation you should get International Calling Plan:
- The International Calling Plan includes both domestic and international minutes for outbound calls. Domestic minutes allow users to call numbers in the country or region where their Microsoft 365 license is assigned. International minutes allow users to call international numbers in 196 countries/regions. Unlimited incoming minutes are included. Outgoing minutes are included based on the license purchased.

Microsoft Calling Plans for Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn
Make outbound calls to these countries/regions | Microsoft Learn

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