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Is there a way to get historical reporting of agents that are opted in to a call Queue.
The Power BI AA/CQ report has a field for "Max of agent call Queue count".
This is good but does not show on an individual agent level.


We use Teams Channel member ship so the supervisors can see live information of who is opted in and not. But there is no historical information.

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Can you check with the latest report for the Auto Attendant and Call Queue. This have some details around the agent opt out and opt in status.

PowerBI Reporting for Auto Attendant and Call Queue

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Thank you for the response.
Unfortunately that only has Maximum number of agents logged in. Not who was logged in or when. Out managers got used to the old system that had detailed reports showing things like. John logged into the Queue at 8am but logged back out at 8:30 and logged back in at 4:30. The Teams system rely the supervisors looking in the Teams Channels and looking at each agent in real time.

The new reports did add in a nice feature of showing the Presented vs Answered calls.

Another thing the managers want is historical information on Teams presence. Basically to see if users are just putting themselves into "Appear Busy" to avoid calls.