Teams personal has no video works good in web version.

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I have a Microsoft laptop with windows 11 with an office 365 personal license.


Whenever I use my Teams Personal account (i.e the app integrated), i am unable to broadcast my video or see others videos. I only see a grey screen. Interestingly, there are not many settings to change in personal version (unlike a work/school version)


My camera works perfectly fine, the permission and privacy settings also allow teams to use both camera and mic, and when i use the web version of teams personal this issue doesn't occur (this only happens in the app version). 


I tried to install the desktop version of the software, but it gives me an "Unable to Install" error. When i checked to see if am able to remove this app, i do not see this in installed programs too. I have reset the apps multiple times.


I have no problems using my camera on Zooms, Watsapp apps in the same laptop.


Can anyone please tell me what needs to be done further, or is it so that Teams no longer supports personal users?

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Hi, I can confirm.
I have the same issue running windows 11 on teams running office 365 Family.
The video does however work in the app for my parents - running windows 10; on the same family plan.

I am using the following build of windows 11.



best response confirmed by StaceeFrane (Microsoft)
After updating all of the apps in the microsoft store - the video seems to be working again