Teams Permission for students

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Some of the teachers are experiencing with Teams live chat:
Students have been able to disable their cameras
Students are able to mute each other even mute the teacher
Students are able to invite other students into conversations
Some students are able to private msg on teams and others have this disabled
Could you help me to address some of these issues please.
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Hi there Sparkle07.


We are having the same problem and would love answers to these questions!!@sparkle07 

And another one. Students in my class can record the lecture and save it. I want to prohibit that.
That you can set a meeting policy for students which would solve your issue. But i suggest let them to record since it is only for them know.


i was wondering why these things are required a user voice to get Microsoft attention.

Still no reply even from tech support also.:unamused:

Can I set the meeting policy myself, or do I need to ask for this in admin center?

I do record the class myself and make it available to them via Stream, but I want to be able to disable their access shortly afterward for the exam and also I want to stop them from stealing the content in my classes.
Yes. From admin center you can disable it. Create a separate policy and assign to whom you want to disable.
Ah, thats what I was worried about. My school wont let me have access to the admin center and they want to allow the students to record and steal my work.
You made them available in Stream right then why students need to steal ?? I hope those not your personal works.
Because I dont want them to download and redistribute my content and I want to control access. I want to shut it off when they are doing the exams for instance. The videos I recorded cannot be downloaded.